Quad provides digital marketing services across a spectrum of digital channels. All our marketing services are manually serviced, there is no automation involved with AdWords, Social or automated off the shelf platforms, therefore providing you daily updates along with high ROI.

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We use a broad range of marketing tactics to achieve your goals, through digital marketing services

Many businesses digital marketing services to drive visitors to their websites, and therefore increase leads and sales. There are various methods to do this, primarily the old methods would generate leads and sales through  ‘free’ organic rankings, however these days PPC (pay per click) is the preferred option. It is delivered fast, can predict and calculate the results, management a fixed monthly marketing budget, and scale your business on the predicted ROI, all of which aim to be a strong marketing tool to fight against competitors in the market.

Websites that operate PPC ads will display an exclusive advertisement when a keyword query matches the advertiser’s keyword list. These advertisements are called ‘sponsored links’ or ‘sponsored ads’, and appear  above, or beneath organic results on search engine results pages. 

PPC, is an advertising model on internet search engines and social media platforms used to direct traffic and target users to websites. Businesses are using PPC so that their websites sit above their competitors, attracting users who click on the first advert placement in the search engine rankings.

Search engines charge a cost per click (pay per click) for these services and advertisers typically bid on relevant keyword phrases that are important to their target market.

PPC is a managed service, and it is important it is done correctly Mismanaged PPC campaigns can cost a business thousands in lost revenue, however a properly managed solution will drive an excellent return. 

The PPC advertising model is a great way to start getting leads and sales generating quickly. You can be up and running within a few hours, but to effectively do this, time must be taken to create a good highly quality website or landing page. 

We manage PPC campaigns for a nominal monthly fee. We have had very good success with PPC campaigns and use it as another form of internet marketing along with other digital services.

You can see some of our case studies from customers we have helped with their lead generation, the figures speak for themselves.



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