Business Development

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BDMs are often in high demand for many organisations to increase their bottom line and market share for growth. Successful BDMs are highly sought after, as rather than a reactive sales service advisor to an incoming call or email enquiry, they proactively “hunt” for their prospects and sales.

Business development covers a wide range of skills and techniques, including rigorous digital research, competitor analysis, product placement planning, as well as utilising aspects of digital marketing such as: social media, partnership/referral opportunities and blog writing to captivate potential prospects interest level.

Business development also uncovers areas of low hanging fruit with current customers and explores ways to provide a better and more profitable solution for clients.

All successful BDMs have two things in common: professionalism and trust. It is still an old saying that people buy from people and this is again today more than ever the case in our fast-paced digital age where trust can run low. BDMs require an organised and analytical approach when prospecting for new business as well as relationship building, communication and negotiation skills.

Quad provides business development services for an array of different clients / industries over the last ten years, creating multiple tender opportunities and millions in revenue, driving new business in a combination of digital marketing and consultative selling.

We have learnt an art of business development which can be applied to many different sectors. In addition to this, we provide sales LinkedIn training and assisted sales teams and managers with their KPI’s and overall sales approach, even down to how to write personalised bespoke sales emails to encourage engagement.

On top of this, we have developed our own bespoke CRM software for managing client sales teams, leads and overall BI reporting. With experience in working across a very diverse set of clients, with leading marketing professionals, we can bring a wealth of knowledge, insight and growth to your business.

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It can be an extremely time consuming and painful process when hiring a BDM, whilst also running the risk that things don’t work out and they do not produce the results. Let us take that risk away from you with our unique offering, meaning that you will have a dedicated outsourced BDM whom is completely driven to get you in the business you desire and produce even more revenue in conjunction with our marketing techniques. You couldn't have a better combination.

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