Cheltenham Digital Solutions

Businesses who are determined to drive sales and leads may be doing a certain amount of digital marketing, or if not then it’s likely they are considering starting soon. Why is digital marketing important? The traditional high street is no longer the leading area for business because the internet has become the dominant channel for sales and marketing. Remarkably, 80% of business now is initiated by a Google search.

How can we drive business to your website? We start by undertaking an SEO Audit on your website and measuring historic digital marketing activity. This delivers a detailed analysis on current traffic, engagement and conversions. We create some of the most exclusive reports in the digital marketing industry and this gives the basis of a progressive and effective marketing campaign, giving your business a strong chance of being even more successful online.


Successful campaigns are not only about digital marketing. We use a blended approach using all the digital tools available, first looking at the design of your apps (website, mobile etc) to make sure users engage with them, also user experience, your employee platforms so that your sales and leads are being used in the best possible way.

Of course, digital marketing comes into play including organic search, marketing content, social media and email marketing. Gone are the days of achieving number one position and effectively dominating the search results, it just doesn’t work that way anymore. 

To gain maximum online exposure for your digital brand, we will supply a bespoke digital marketing plan based around your target market. This will provide you with a comprehensive SEO Audit that clearly explains everything from analysis and research, to optimisation and more. Considering your precise marketing targets, we will outline a stage by stage process which will support your marketing campaign, guaranteeing that you will have a stronger presence in your marketplace, no matter if it’s an international, national or local campaign.

What is key to a successful digital campaign? We start your campaign with research and analysis followed by extensive technical optimisation, covering over two hundred different technical methods. We will present a comprehensive stage by stage marketing campaign to drive more traffic to your site with organic search, incorporating a proactive approach directly targeting your market through content marketing and social media. This will effectively and successfully develop your digital brand authority online.

Digital marketing can bring profitable results with ROI so long as it is correctly and skilfully applied.


Since the year that Google was born in 1996, we have been successfully providing digital marketing services to businesses. Nearly all our customers who started with us back then are still with us today, which should reassure you that we successfully bring ROI for every business.

Some digital marketing providers boast about giving an excellent service, but we really do give 100% to make sure your needs are met – even if that means taking a call at 3am in the morning! If a client chooses to leave us for whatever reason, we consider that as a failure on our part. It’s important to us that you are happy throughout our business relationship, so communication is key.

Our reputation is very important to us in the digital industry. Over the years, we have seen other digital companies make one wrong move because of lack of knowledge in their skillset and sadly it can ruin a client’s business. We have plenty of genuine first-rate testimonials from past and present clients and we do not have one negative review about our services which makes us extremely proud.

We may come across as a large company, but we only work with a select number of customers at any one time, many of whom have been with us for over 15 years. Communication is key to make sure we understand every part of your business and your requirements, to ensure that your project runs smoothly, effectively and successfully.


Digital marketing has been plagued for years by the so-called ‘SEO’ experts, but what exactly is an SEO expert? We would say that someone who delivers good results is an expert in SEO, but the term SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and only covers the technical part of digital marketing. And not many people really know much about technical SEO. There is so much more to it than some meta tags and keywords!

That is why we are always open to providing case studies to clients who may be considering coming on board with us. If you need confidence in working with us, then you are more than welcome to contact our clients to ask about our statistics. We understand that building trust is key to any long-lasting business relationship, which is why we like to start by being as transparent as possible.

We provide a balanced approach to digital marketing, we never just rely on Google. Why put all your eggs in one basket? Our solution is to provide a multi-source of traffic across successful channels like social media, email marketing, content blogging, WoMM, PPC and of course natural search. This helps with the Google delayed ranking reaction, where we can start getting your brand seen by users through social media and email marketing, almost delivering results instantly.

Things have changed in the last 5 years in the world of digital, but a lot of the search engine rules still only touch the surface. Thankfully, when it comes to the work involved to generate more sales and leads for a business through digital marketing, the core basics still operate from 1997. This refers to the ‘white hat’ technique which still seems to be the most effective approach without taking any risks, alongside a thorough process entailing complete website optimisation, full organic search, social media, and high quality content.

If you would like to know more about our services, pop into the office or give us a call today for a chat. We are keen to assist you in developing your business further, so that you are thriving in the online marketplace.