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At The Quad Group, we know it’s important to attain your trust and establish a strong business relationship so that we can work together to make your business more successful in the online marketplace.

By processing an audit of your website to assess historic activity, we can deliver a precise breakdown on current traffic, customer engagement and sales conversions. We perform detailed analysis to produce some of the most comprehensive reports available, and this gives us the foundation for an effective and successful bespoke marketing campaign. As digital marketing is a constantly evolving industry, our team will work closely with your Manchester business brand to verify important core metrics such as; leads and sales conversions, revenue and return of investment.


Many Manchester companies do not have the time or the resources for digital training, so if you would rather someone do the work for you, The Quad Group is your trustworthy partner. We can give you a bespoke marketing strategy for your business, with a uniquely comprehensive SEO audit explaining every detail from competitive research and analysis, right through to optimisation and beyond. Using the information you have given us, we will show you a comprehensive stage by stage process that will enhance your marketing campaign, ensuring that you not only have a greater success in the marketplace that you could potentially become a market leader.

The key two stages that we start with are research and analysis, providing us with as much information as possible to start to build your marketing strategy. We then carry out an extensive SEO Audit which will often incorporate over two hundred technical methods to ensure we know your market inside out. We will create a ongoing marketing campaign that ensures you will drive traffic to your site through positive organic search, nurturing a proactive approach direct to your target market using powerful social media and creative content marketing. These elements will effectively develop your digital brand and its online authority.


It is important for businesses to work with a digital marketing company which has a good reputation, who keeps up with industry news and regulations. Sadly, there are still some SEO companies who claim to be experts, but still employ risky methods of search engine optimisation which can be damaging to businesses rankings.

When it comes to developing the presence of an online brand, the fundamental techniques from 1997 still apply. The white hat methods are often the most effective, used in conjunction with a balanced approach of full website optimisation, strong organic search, regular social media signals and high-quality marketing content.

We believe it is vital to be completely transparent with our clients to ensure you have trust and confidence in our digital services. Therefore, we give our clients access to our systems so that they can see each stage of the campaign and view what our team are doing for your project in real time. We provide comprehensive live updates on keyword rankings, optimisation, competitors, social media, international marketing stats and feedback on the complete performance of your campaign.

Through giving you control and transparency for your strategy, you can have the confidence in your project performing strongly. You also do not have to wait for our reports as you have the system login to check anytime you like.

If you would like to know more about our digital solutions and how we can help develop your business to become successful online – give us a call.


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