James Neal
Making sure your staff are on board with your new app is perhaps more important than you realise. Ensuring that your staff and colleagues understand the benefit of your app will mean they can promote it more to customers. One of the most significant part of launching a new app within your business is making...
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digital marketing
In the past, you may have looked through the Yellow Pages to find a business or service and the limited listings proved that competition was small and only applied to the local area. Now people have replaced the Yellow Pages with searching online instead and businesses are not only competing with their local area on...
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Create a YouTube video with 5,000 backlinks and it will rank first... Trust me, I am an SEO expert. Honest!
National Search
Google has upped the focus on quality content, which means that the blog posts, press releases and social media updates you put up every day have a direct impact on your digital marketing. You have to be ‘always on’ when it comes to your optimisation techniques. If that’s an issue, or your staff don’t know...
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SEO isn't really that difficult for beginners, First you just need to understand how Google works, wait, Google doesn't even know how Google works.
digital marketing profitability
Companies can no longer rely on new business leads just through word of mouth, index advertising and print marketing. Online presence has now become the most critical element of business development, making the internet the biggest marketplace in the world. It’s released fierce worldwide competition making businesses even more competitive with each other, diversifying markets...
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It’s not the first time that Google has been sued for its search rankings, in fact Google has many cases running all the time, but it’s among the first in which the Googles First Amendment defence is failing, which is a turn point for the search giant. Digital Marketing Agency company E-ventures Worldwide claims that...
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about seo
Over the last week or so, I have been conversing with many marketing managers and company owners about blogging and in general digital marketing practices and I thought I would come up with some tips and share with you what I think is good to keep in mind when blogging and also offer some useful...
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Digital marketing tactics are changing so fast that most businesses simply don’t have time to respond, those that have tried to keep up have simply thrown money at SEO, PPC, social and content marketing. This leads to businesses to get in the rut of yesterday’s marketing approaches. In 2015 a study by Smart Insights detailed...
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applying seo
Digital marketing is one of the most useful marketing tools available to small businesses: it is a cost-effective way of ensuring that you are noticed in the online world. You may assume that digital marketing can only be used to boost the visibility of your main website, but this isn’t the case: it can be...
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