Kirsty Brown
Ok, let me be honest about this here, it is not that I detest networking groups or the concept of them – I understand the reasoning for it and understand it can be great for getting the up and coming one-man band graphic designers out of their bedrooms and into the world of meeting real-life...
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So the not so new kid on the block for all of us in the digital marketing sphere is that word: content!  Many a time we have to explain to our customers why content marketing not just only on your website is great for organic rankings, it is absolutely more than ever important to your...
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Firstly, I do apologise if this post does somewhat appeal to the more fashion conscience peers of mine, however for a woman in a digital marketing sphere it is sometimes good to share some common analogies. So, you have seen the idea for a stunning suit in magazines, perhaps your friend was wearing one or...
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In previous blogs I have mentioned about some of the high levels of unprofessional behaviour which dilutes the world of quality digital agencies and their work however it all fundamentally boils down to one word called “Trust”, be too pushy with a prospective client whom has had a bad experience or do not take the...
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I am a Business Development Manager and I have to create my own lead generation. What does online marketing have to do with me? Some industries rely solely on employing BDM’s and sales staff to get their message and products out there however have they considered a blended method which takes into account the benefits...
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