Bespoke Software Integrations

Bespoke software – or, software that’s made-to-order, unique, to spec, or personalised – it’s an interesting subject, but one many people can’t seem to wrap their head around. Bespoke software? What does it mean? How could software like Microsoft Office or PhotoShop be custom made for a client? There are plenty of questions to ask, and luckily this article will contain plenty of answers to respond to said questions, about bespoke software, what it is, why it is, and how companies such as us at The Quad Group are creating high-quality, custom software for a wide-range of clients around the world.

What Is Bespoke Software Integration?

Of course, to begin with we have to crack open the initial question on everyone’s mind, what is it? Well, to begin with, let’s keep it simple, as you now know bespoke is another way of saying custom-made, unique or personalised. Software can be anything, as we mentioned, from word processors to music and video players, photo editors to accounting applications, or something a bit more complex such as localisation suites for translation. Then we have integration, this part is surprisingly simple now that we’ve got the first part out of the way; it means that companies such as The Quad Group will not only create the software that a client personally orders, but they’ll also make sure it’s properly integrated, as in added to your existing software. Be that a company dashboard application, tool suite, or simply making sure that the numerous pieces of software intentions combine well together to offer a smooth experience, with no bugs, crashes or errors. The bespoke software offered by Quad are cost effective, timely, and of course specific to each client’s request, meaning that every little detail will have close attention paid to it. On top of this, there’s also the potential for a re-evaluation, perhaps you have a pre-existing bespoke software that isn’t working as efficiently as you’d like, or you’ve experienced bugs during use, work can be done to fine-tune and rework your solution to make it of as high a quality as possible.

The Positives of Bespoke

Sometimes with the worries that come along with it, it can be hard to justify bespoke software for a few common reasons, such as time, cost, quality and trust. Let’s break that down in argument of why you would want to go bespoke, first, we have a clear cut and undoubted call for quality, in regards to efficiency, simplicity and flexibility in direct correlation with company needs. Every company is different, but let’s use some simple examples of companies where bespoke software might be useful, our first example includes a company revolving around video editing. Now, this could take two of many different paths, one of which includes the need to render, this is often a very time-heavy process that takes extremely strong computers to speed up the render time. Though, before you get to rendering the company would also be doing a lot of video editing, with effects, trimming, layering, transitions, and whatever else they found necessary for the assignment. Bearing these two greatly different but equally necessary modes of work in mind, this is where bespoke software integration can come in handy, allowing for a video editing and rendering application that makes it quick for editors to switch between their needs and priorities. Another example is a printing company, a business like this will get hundreds if not thousands of requests for printing a day, some may require bulk printing, some may require high-quality prints that take time, and some may want to come in-house and print it themselves. In this case, bespoke software would be ideal as once again it allows for quick changes that most off-the-shelf software wouldn’t allow, and even if it did, it wouldn’t be easily intuitive and user-friendly for any client to come in and use on a whim. Here we see personalisation is a key aspect of bespoke engineering, making sure that company needs take a front seat in comparison to your store-bought software that tries to cater to everyone from the casual to the specialist, to everything in between.

Integration and efficiency are the two next points of bespoke, as mentioned above, personalisation plays a huge part, and if your company or office are constantly using the same software, flicking between several and mixing them up, this can be an easy fix. What’s more is that, even if the work being done between these applications is repetitive, boring, and tiring, there’s potential that the process can be streamlined, or even automated with the use of bespoke software. In conclusion, what we offer here is the ability to not only integrate, in regard to both old, frequently used, as well as any new technology needed, but also the potential for making any monotonous processes far more efficient, and less time-consuming. Bespoke is about simplicity, making the life of a client easier, by taking all the difficult, or otherwise boring tasks, and wrapping them up into one clean solution, custom-built and ready to work for your company. Any features or applications getting in your way? They’re gone, get rid of the mess. Anything repeated or needed? We’ll bring it to light, so that your company goal is reached with ease.

Company Identity and Branding

With all this effort going into the creation of your company’s very own software, specific to its needs and preferences, some may want to do more with this, to get more out of what they’re paying for, which is perfectly understandable. Watermarks, signatures and branding points across the software can help give your company an edge, for all those using it, be it in-house or, if you choose to later sell your software. There would likely be licensing and distribution conditions to tend to if you and your company felt that other companies would benefit from your software, and therefore wanted to sell it on, but it’s entirely possible. You put the time, money and effort into creating this specific, efficient software solution, by that point, the application itself is almost yours. You won’t be required to update or learn any new additional features that come to the software later, and it’ll help your brand grow even further across the globe as similar companies use your personally branded software.

Why Quad?

At The Quad Group, we’re a company dedicated to providing specialist digital help in a vast majority of ways, from search engine optimisation, to digital marketing, all the way over to bespoke software integration. That means from the pre-planning stage, making sure all the details and specifics are set in motion, to an on-time, efficient production that keeps all involved up-to-date, ending in the integration of your personal software solution that gives your company a kick-start towards any goal. Ultimately, Quad will make sure that everything we’ve covered in this article, gets done: a smooth, streamlined, efficient application that runs exactly the way you want, no clutter, no mess, featuring only the necessities that will be usable by anyone, from the interns to the managers. This way, regardless of company goal, you can make sure that time consumption and energy management is organised correctly, no time wasted on the learning curves of today’s software, because it’s made custom for you.

Our priority is to work with simplicity, creating methods of work that are both flexible and perfectly balanced, as all things digital should be, resulting in the utmost efficiency possible. One instance of this is through paying attention to the client, such as those looking to maximise leads for their company’s sites, it’s important to remember that off-the-shelf software such as Salesforce or Hubspot simply can’t compare to the level of personalisation offered by our bespoke works. Overall, Quad has experience, and that experience fully equates to quality and client satisfaction, the usual worries about bespoke software development become almost a non-factor when working with The Quad Group. High pay-rates, long wait times, lack of communication between client and creator, push those fears to the side because whether looking for leads, simplicity or optimisation, Quad can offer it all.

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