Voice search has become a huge element of strategies for major technology companies as consumers fully embrace the enjoyment from speaking to their technology products. Recently Amazon added ‘Alexa’ their voice search product to their iPhone app, giving their hands-free product yet another feature for their customers. Devices that support voice search are said to...
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SMX London Event for Digital Marketers -1
On 23rd and 24th of May, SMX London are holding the largest search marketing conference in the UK for SEO experts and those who work in the digital marketing industry. The event is held by Search Engine Land, the leading Source of Search Marketing News. This year the event is held in London and focuses...
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SEO for Start-up Companies
How Can SEO Assist a Start-up Company? SEO is important for all businesses and if your online brand is new to the worldwide web, then you will most certainly need SEO to drive traffic to your site. You may be an entrepreneur or you may be utilising the skills you have gained over the years...
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Python slinks past C, Java and C++ to top IEEE 2017 language list Python has topped the charts as the top programming language of 2017, according to the latest ranking from IEEE Spectrum. The language, which continues to grow in popularity having been one of the highest risers in the most recent Stack Overflow survey,...
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social media
Social media has given businesses a free marketing tool to add another dimension and channel for promoting brand awareness. Initially used as just a personal way to connect with friends and family, social media has now catapulted businesses in amongst it all, popping up on timelines and newsfeeds of targeted audiences who are often oblivious...
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Technology changes constantly, so to be at the top of your game as a web developer, it’s vital you’re keeping up. It can be confusing and discerning when so many updates and developments are being released every few weeks. We’ve put together some information about the anticipated trends for 2017 and some advice about what...
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Making sure your staff are on board with your new app is perhaps more important than you realise. Ensuring that your staff and colleagues understand the benefit of your app will mean they can promote it more to customers. One of the most significant part of launching a new app within your business is making...
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digital marketing
In the past, you may have looked through the Yellow Pages to find a business or service and the limited listings proved that competition was small and only applied to the local area. Now people have replaced the Yellow Pages with searching online instead and businesses are not only competing with their local area on...
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So the not so new kid on the block for all of us in the digital marketing sphere is that word: content!  Many a time we have to explain to our customers why content marketing not just only on your website is great for organic rankings, it is absolutely more than ever important to your...
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digital marketing 1
Firstly, I do apologise if this post does somewhat appeal to the more fashion conscience peers of mine, however for a woman in a digital marketing sphere it is sometimes good to share some common analogies. So, you have seen the idea for a stunning suit in magazines, perhaps your friend was wearing one or...
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