SEO for Start-up Companies

How can digital marketing and your start-up company work together?

Digital Marketing is important for all businesses and if your online brand is new to the worldwide web, then you will most certainly need SEO to drive traffic to your site. You may be an entrepreneur or you may be utilising the skills you have gained over the years in your career to branch out and launch your own business. Whatever line of business you’re in, there is almost certainly going to be competitors! The internet is a wonderful platform for showcasing your company and getting it exposed to the largest audience in the world, but there are now over a billion websites online. No longer are businesses competing with the next retailer or service company in town, they are competing all around the world on a global level. There’s no point in having a flashy new website that costs thousands, if people are not going to discover it amongst the masses. This is why digital marketing and your start-up company can work together, and is essential.

Start-up Online Brand

Your new website needs to inform the audience about what you do, as soon as they hit the site. If it is not quickly obvious, then users become impatient and go to other sites, increasing your bounce rate. Digital marketing helps you to target your niche audience by giving more exposure to your site, also reaching out to wider audiences, thus expanding your target market further. You may have a very high-quality product or service that is much better than a leading brand, but you still need to get it in front of your audience for them to convert to yours. It is an exciting time when you launch your company and you want business to take off as quickly as possible. Using SEO will help your online brand to quickly get traffic to your site, generating successful leads and sales for your business to start earning.

Why Do Start-up Companies Need SEO?

Unfortunately, websites are generally not found through search engine results as soon as the website goes live. If no SEO is carried out on your site, it is going to take a very long time for organic traffic to find you, and even then, it’s very unlikely that you will be ranked above your competitors. A remarkable 85% of business begins with a Google search, so if no SEO is being done on your site, then your competitors will be found first. You will be pleased to know that the worldwide web is a very fair platform, so smaller businesses have just as much of a chance in search engine results as global giants. Traditional advertising such as being listed in the Yellow Pages or running adverts in newspapers and magazines are no longer the major channel for promotion. The online marketplace is the biggest marketing platform in the world and if your website has good authority in your industry, then you will potentially have an incredibly successful business.

How Could We Help Develop Your Start-up?

SEO Organic carries out a full audit on your website which will show us insights for data analysis, past and current traffic and how your website is performing. We complete extensive keyword research, analysis on competitors and the industry which provides us with a detailed and insightful evaluation of your market. It’s our job to learn everything possible about your company and your industry, so that we can build a strong foundation for a digital marketing strategy that will effectively drive traffic to your website and make your business successful. Digital marketing includes optimising your website so that it is listed in search engine results, the creation of high-quality marketing content and building audiences through social media platforms. We understand that it takes months or even years of planning a new venture and we enjoy supporting start-up companies with our skills and techniques, so that they can succeed and claim their own piece of the marketplace. Digital marketing is a powerful tool that if used correctly can potentially grow your business quickly, making you a leading player in the marketplace. Not only does your start-up business need to become known, it also needs to have a trusted online reputation.

Why Work with Us?

The Quad Group have been providing bespoke digital marketing services to clients for the last 20 years. In fact, we launched the same year as when search engine Google appeared in 1997. Based on the information we gain from our initial research and analysis from your website and market, we build a unique powerful digital marketing strategy that will drive relevant traffic to your website. This makes certain that your target audience will generate leads and sales to your business, bringing profitable ROI. We understand that start-up companies need to ensure they are working with an SEO provider they can trust, so we give all our clients login details to our systems so that you can check how your marketing campaign is performing at any time and in real time. We are also in contact regularly, communicating how the campaign is progressing and taking you through each stage of the process. Most our clients regularly speak to the Directors at The Quad Group, because we believe that everyone in our team should know everything about your digital marketing campaign, your company and your market. Since we launched 20 years ago, we have not had one negative review about our services, and we know this is because our team make every effort to ensure your campaign is a success.

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