Making sure your staff are on board with your new app is perhaps more important than you realise.

Ensuring that your staff and colleagues understand the benefit of your app will mean they can promote it more to customers.

One of the most significant part of launching a new app within your business is making certain that your staff fully understand the advantages so that they can communicate it to your customers. It’s not just another high-tech app on their phones or iPad, it’s a knowledgeable piece of technology that will promote your business, so training staff is key to how well it will perform. Here are some useful tips to getting the most out of your new app:

Mandatory Staff Training

Consider that not all staff will be digitally and device-savvy and make certain that staff training for the app is carried out with everyone on your team. Put together a training session which will cover all aspects, developed with the technophobes in mind. It’s important to have a hands-on approach and arrange a face to face training to make sure you have impact, can answer any questions and that everyone gets a clear run-through of all elements and functions of the app. Consider the objectives and outline what each member of staff can achieve through using the app, call a meeting and present the app to the team, clearly explaining the advantages and the process of use. Encourage your staff to work together to promote the app, giving them a goal of a certain amount of downloads each week. The training session should not simply be a presentation, your team need to get hands on with the app to ensure that any questions raised are answered. Request that everyone downloads the app to their phone so that they are 100% on every feature included.

Conquer Dubious Employees

Ensuring that you get all your staff on board with your new app can present you with some challenges! Your new app will have been designed to increase sales, boost productivity and have a positive influence on operations, but the odd sceptical member of staff may not be as optimistic. Most scepticism is usually more about fear of grasping the concept and taking the time to understand new technology, so it’s vital that you give them a helping hand with training and making certain they are completely happy with your new app. Ensure that your staff know why the app is important for them, what tools it can offer and how it can boost sales for your business. Examples of this could be:

• Increased Profit: More revenue for your business
• More Efficient: More productivity in job roles as staff will spend less time with telephone orders
• Feedback and Reviews: customers can review and share their experiences
• Benefits: Explain the benefits for your business and staff. What made you choose to invest in your app? Your staff will need to understand why you chose it and the benefits too.

Share the News!

Once the mobile app is up and running, then report the insights to your staff, showing them how it is having a positive impact on your company. Have your sales increased? Has there been growth in customer loyalty? Has your request for services or reservations shown an upsurge? Have you had a boost in good reviews? You could also put together a staff reward system whereby you give employees incentives to encourage them to use and promote the app. Rewards could be won through a competition, incentives on sales, new leads or most downloads of the app. Advertise the winners on your staff noticeboard, in a staff newsletter or in a weekly meeting – creating a system that encourages staff to participate in endorsing the app will reap a positive return of investment.

Offer Feedback to Staff

It is important to encourage feedback when introducing new technology to your business. If staff discover teething problems, then it’s likely your customers will too. Open up communication to request feedback, whether positive or negative, encourage them to play an important role in helping your business to make the app be a positive experience for them and for your customers. Is the ease of ordering on the app smooth? Has the app improved daily tasks in the office? Are customers joining the loyalty scheme? Could it be an easier process? Your staff will be using the app daily so make sure you take their feedback seriously. This also ensures that any technical issues or teething problems are smoothed out before more customers download the app.

What Guarantees Your App is a Success?

If you want your mobile app to be successful, then your employees need to be completely on board with using it and promoting it. Your staff are the voice of your business and have the power to make it successful. As a business owner, you need to ensure that your staff are fully trained in using the app and are knowledgeable about the positive impact it can have for them and your business.

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