How to increase profits on one small piece of real estate, the top ten positions of Google

Companies can no longer rely on new business leads just through word of mouth, index advertising and print marketing. Online presence has now become the most critical element of business development, making the internet the biggest marketplace in the world. It’s released fierce worldwide competition making businesses even more competitive with each other, diversifying markets and drowning the smaller businesses who can’t keep up, all this on one small piece of real estate, the top ten positions of Google.

This explains why digital marketing is absolutely essential, to not only ensure a business survives in this aggressive worldwide marketplace, but to also increase its chances of gaining new business and to develop for the future with good long-term profitability.

Why is Digital Marketing Essential?

Digital marketing ensures that your business is targeting the perfect audience who will visit your website and convert from leads to sales. Digital marketing tools and techniques can change a website visitor on your site to a paying customer – this is called ‘conversion’ and without this, you are not going to increase sales and get repeat business. Digital marketing enables a business to precisely target their audience and to therefore sit alongside the big boys on search engines, thus also potentially bringing in their paying customers to their own website.  Can you imagine the difference that would make to your business? Digital marketing ensures a strong online presence and is an efficient marketing method that will strengthen any business, especially when the marketplace is so competitive. Successful digital marketing is not a skill that can easily be learned in-house, it requires years of experience through tried and tested methods to understand exactly what works and what doesn’t. Search engines have changed their rules on and off throughout the years, so keeping up with new trends and guidelines is no easy task.

Why Should You Have a Good Website?

Your website is the public face of your business. The branding, the image you portray and the message you want to put across to your consumers are all vital parts of what makes a good website. Consider how it is received by your target audience and whether people will come back to you instead of looking elsewhere. Not only is the professionalism of the website important, but it must entice people back. You can have a fantastic website with millions of visitors but if they are not converting into leads or sales, what is the point of having a great website? This is where digital marketing comes in – these experts have the skills and specialist techniques to drive the right traffic to your site.

Why Are Target Audiences So Important?

Your target audience already wants to buy from you! These are the consumers who are interested in your products or services and therefore they may not take much persuasion. Digital marketing enables you to target specific audiences so that you can lure them to visit your site. If a consumer repeatedly sees a website name in a search engine, then they are more likely to click on it. Therefore, digital marketing not only targets your key audience, but builds a relationship between your business and your potential consumers. When website visitors trust the brand, they become loyal and convert to a paying customer. Placing your brand in front of your target audience enables brand awareness to people who could potentially become a lifetime paying customer. Loyal and satisfied customers are likely to spread the word, helping your reputation to build online and when visitors are searching directly for your website, you are increasing your organic growth. Digital marketing not only allows you to target your key audience but it also supports you in approaching a wider market, therefore increasing your marketplace.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Whether you’re a small business with limited funds or a large corporation with healthy investors, digital marketing is an essential element to the survival of your business in a growing marketplace. The beauty of digital marketing is that it creates an even marketplace where smaller businesses have an equal chance to sit next to the larger companies and share their market. This gives businesses a platform to target key audiences and win leads that should convert to sales. Digital marketing not only allows you to target your exact audience but it makes sure that you have good search engine visibility. Search engines work by operating an automated technique to identify and index websites so that they can be included in search results. Digital marketing methods include SEO techniques (search engine optimisation) so an expert in search engines can improve your website’s ranking through various skills to get more visitors to your website.

No Digital Marketing?

When companies do not invest in digital marketing they are massively restricting themselves to what could be a much more profitable marketplace for them. Not only are they missing out on new leads and targeting wider audiences, they are also potentially risking losing their place in the market. Digital marketing has replaced much of the traditional and conventional marketing and has become the norm for businesses nowadays to not only claim a part of the industry, but to also hugely increase sales.

The message couldn’t be clearer; if you’re not doing any digital marketing but your competitors are – you are seriously jeopardising your business. A business cannot survive on repeat customers alone, especially when competition has become so fierce. For example, if you provide business services, it could only take a few of your major customers to research and find a new company to work with online, for it to put you in financial setback. Digital marketing is a bit like water to a plant, if you’re not giving the business a foundation to grow on, it will eventually fade away.

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