The “Stack em High” Approach:

Most people immediately think when hearing the phrase lead generation, it is the classic call centre telemarketing strategy. Whilst some businesses are really depending on this type of strategy for qualified leads, it is not one which will last the test of time. People argue that it is all a numbers game however with a more targeted and strategic plan, you can reduce all those cold calls which a lot of people dislike and actually sell to people whom are interested. How? My answer is let them come to you through various digital marketing channels. If someone is already making the first move, statistics show that it is more likely they will buy and then you know their interest level is there from the beginning – there is no hard selling or restling them into a deal. In other words, its a hot lead.

Did you know that over 50% of mobile users who visit your website or online store will buy from you within 24 hours!

My business only relies on BDM’s for our selling:

Whilst I understand this is a good strategy if your business is selling mostly B2B and in particular market niches and territories and requires expert selling, it is important to also remember that it can take a couple of months to get a BDM up to scratch and hitting KPI’s – whilst it is good to put the onus on them to grab in the business, it would also help them to lift of the ground with a couple of warm leads whilst they are stacking up on their own pipelines of prospects. From my own personal business development experience, this not only gives them a boost but sets them on their path even more, and helps them target their market.

We are only doing small amounts of Direct Mailing?

Whilst I can understand the reasoning behind direct mailing and becoming personalised, unless this is done on a fairly robust scale, the leads that you are going to warrant from this may not actually pay for themselves and not return the ROI of all that time you have invested. Marketing Experts have taught us that a little bit of everything helps however unless the direct mailing you are sending is quality, targeted and relevant to the receiver, then forget it. Sending out 50 mail shots to people directly about something you think they may be interested in, you may as well be wasting your time, envelopes, paper, stamps and energy. When working out the cost versus other methods, the reality becomes very clear.

Email Marketing? A future waste…

Well, with the latest GDPR law, spam triggers and filters and overload of email that people generally receive on a daily basis we can see email marketing taking a little bit of a back seat in the future when it comes to a lead generation strategy. Whilst a lot of companies feel it is very high, if not top of the list when it comes to lead generation and brand, there is so many other way that companies can do this depending on their sector and audience. Email marketing can be a good compliment to the rest of the marketing campaign, but many consumers and businesses don’t want a barrage of emails, so its fairly limited in terms of lead generation. If you really know your type of customers, then you will understand their habits, where they may be looking online and appear via channels such as social remarketing which will be far more successful than an email stuck in their junk folder!

Database Affiliation

Whilst bought data lists will soon become a thing of the past due to new laws and procedures, companies will be finding other ways to gain leads and sell to new customers. There will be new strategies that will form such as “database affiliation” this is where one of your clients advertises or links ups your services with their services and pushes this out to their opted in database of customers. Almost like sponsorship, more companies will be more keen to utilise each other’s assets to ensure that they keep within compliance but also to mutually benefit themselves to drive more leads.

Referral WOMM (worth of mouth marketing)

My latest point moves on nicely to referrals which as we all know are one of the best forms of warm leads a business can receive and has one of the highest conversion rates. This is definitely going to trend even more higher in the future. Why you may ask? Trust is my answer. We are now in a globalised market whereby everyone is an expert on something and we are constantly been sold to, so consumers are often troubled over not only the choice but who to trust? We can see this at an all-time high from even when you buy something as simple as a domain. I bought two new domains last week and received almost 50 emails from companies trying to sell me everything from websites to search marketing, in addition to this, I was screening around 15-20 calls from overseas. Whilst globalisation in industry is at an all time, the constant barrage is also and if I know in my heart that if a good business contact of mine or a colleague or friend recommends something to me for a service I am looking for, then I am going to enquire.

Social PPC and Social Re-marketing:

This type of lead generation for a lot of businesses especially in the B2C markets can work a treat! With Facebook’s pixels and twitter’s latest advertising mode’s and custom audiences – advertising on these networks has never been better. Of course, it does depend on your industry however I expect to see more trends towards this in the future as well as the Snapchat advertising (even though still a bit pricey) and Instagram ads pick up even more.

Pay Per Click Campaigns:

If done correctly, monitored well and you are manually bidding – these can be extremely effective for driving leads to your website. Ensuring you are grabbing the user in is the most important and an effective strategy to plot this out with testing is required. It is essential when undertaking such a strategy that you use a company or expert pay per click consultant whom undertake manual bids and keep an eye on the pay per click campaign, simply taking a fee and not looking after your campaign is not what you should expect. At Quad, we only manually bid and look at all campaigns on a daily basis to ensure consistency of leads coming in. PPC combined with a strong digital strategy can be the best way to hit that ROI and get the most out of your investment.

The Next Stage:

They say it is all in conversion rates and for any sales team worth their salt, each salesperson should be looking at a conversion rate of over 10% from a steady funnel of hot leads. Often, we have seen from experience that if a sales person is not integrated into a process driven lead management system they may lose several opportunities due to cherry picking and leaving certain low hanging fruit remaining.

It is essential for any robust lead generation strategy to be backed up with a processing, lead nurturing system to ensure conversion rates can be kept an all time high. Gone are the days with jotting things on a couple of notepads, if you are a sales person and receiving 20 leads a day, keeping on top of those leads is essential. The smallest things can make all the difference for example: the simple automated SMS text to let a customer know a quote or proposal has been sent (for example this aids when a quote could be stuck in their junk folder? – automated alerts to the sales person when a new lead comes in or if it a lead has not been dealt with. For the sales management and directors, it is increasingly important that they are seeing their ROI, this comes down to the seamless functionality of a lead management tool with built in lead nurturing factors so that even your laziest of sales people will never forget about any leads. It is essential that if you are investing heavily in leads that you make the most of every lead, therefore having a lead management tool in place is essential. All of our customers at the Quad Group have access to our lead management tool which comes to the rescue time and time again and ensures that those sales staff will hit their targets and more importantly conversion rates.

At the Quad Group, we pride ourselves on building effective lead generation strategies that actually deliver. By carefully monitoring and ensure we are providing ROI and paying for our services time and time again. It can take a long time to find a company that you feel you can trust and one that does deliver, however no matter what your KPI’s are, we will have a solution for you.

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