What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing helps brands increase user engagement, traffic, visibility and signals. So with this we mean, viral marketing. Sharing information is key, and rives to more links, which then helps more sales. Links have governed for years but it is becoming more and more difficult to attain them in an ethical way so SEO providers are exploring ways in how to use influencer marketing as a powerful technique for digital marketing. The problem with inbound links through influencers is that many of the links are revealed as ‘sponsored’ but there is a way of getting around this issue by creating campaigns which have been specifically content driven.

Influencer campaigns have been traditionally used to create marketing or advertisements for brands. However, they can appear very sales-driven as they focus entirely on the brand or the product. Influencer marketing and SEO providers are looking at ways of instead creating campaigns that relate to news or issues within the brands industry. Content can be created using video or written text, making the site or page a useful resource for audiences, instead of a typical sales pitch. If you have a restricted budget, then you should consider starting with micro-influencer campaigns which will start to reap inbound links and engage interested audiences.

Boosting Your Brand with Influencer Marketing

What makes your brand unique? Online competition is fierce within most industries, so one of the major issues brands are facing is getting noticed in today’s digital marketplace. Influencer marketing is an essential element to online authority because the more you can engage your audience, the more your website, services and products will draw in traffic. Studies by Twitter and Annalect have revealed that influencer marketing is considered highly trustworthy by users and Nielsen discovered that 92% of people trust referrals or recommendations by other people than they do with standard brand advertisements. Therefore, your brand can benefit from taking advantage of followers or communities by giving yourself more brand exposure through blogs, social media and vlogs. Influencers will drive valuable traffic to your site to maximise leads and sales, also boosting your SEO rankings in more successful ways than a paid ad. Content engagement is still important and aiming for those influencers who are in your niche market is far more important than an influencer with many more followers but not so interested in your market. Many brands overlook that if they improve their social visibility with influencer marketing, it will help to increase followers and keep engagement high.

Business Insider reported that; “Posts from people with small followings get strong engagement, and bring an air of authenticity and trust”.

Fresh Content with Influencer Marketing

Creating consistently fresh content can be a major challenge for digital marketers and online brands but influencer marketing can develop interesting and unique content that audiences cannot avoid! This method of digital marketing can also influence followers to create fresh content for your brand. For example, they can maximise the success of a social media campaign to encourage communities to like and share images opinions that are related with your brand. One great example of influencer marketing and SEO is when Gloria Ferrer used this method of marketing to boost brand awareness, launching the #GloriousBites campaign that resulted in 44 million social impressions. Increasing social visibility and engagement through influencer marketing will consequently generate millions of social impressions.

Collective Content with Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to establish relationships with partnerships through efforts in SEO. Good relationships with your influencers ensure excellent content with collective potentially long-term opportunities. Brands and influencers can have a mutually beneficial arrangement, using one another’s authority to improve links and create more online visibility. Partners can earn links that enable a boost to influencer marketing, also providing access to highly authoritative publishers. Influencer networking can offer you many different avenues, potentially earning you social visibility on a global level.

Discovering Influencers That Are Relevant

The most important element of influencer marketing is finding unique and relevant authoritative influencers. You should strive for influencer content to be seen by your target audience, encouraging them to engage. This will make certain that influencers are an asset to your brand.
Important influencer metrics are:

  • The number of unique visitors the influencer obtains each day, week and month
  • Determine the influencer’s domain authority
  • Check the audience demographics such as location, gender and age
  • Check the engagement per post for the influencer

Although influencer marketing and SEO is naturally trending, marketers and online brands are not maximising the potential for this method. If you can understand the power behind influencer marketing, you can utilise it to your full advantage.

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