The internet offers masses of ways to generate an income good enough for you to give up your job, but which ones are realistic?

Whether you’re looking to increase your income, make some quick cash or keen to build a business with longevity, making money online is becoming easier. There are many opportunities and it seems the most important chance of success is by being motivated and disciplined.

If you’re disciplined, determined and motivated then you have the core attributes to increase your bank balance, but how do you differentiate the realistic money-making prospects from the lesser genuine and how can you guarantee a journey to profit? It seems that some opportunities will give you quick results, helping you to pay the current bills, while others are more aimed to improving your finances in the long term.

Time and Money…

How often have you heard people say, ‘I just don’t have the time’, yet they desperately want to make more money? Of course, time is essentially more valuable than money. You can make money, invest it and pilfer it but you can make more. You can’t make more time, so making money online if you are doing a full-time job can sometimes feel too much of a challenge. Although, a stable and secure full-time job might be great, it doesn’t necessarily inspire you to look at new ways of increasing your income. If your aim is to get rich quick, then the internet won’t make it happen. Facebook and other social media campaigns can get you leads and sales but without a good understanding and knowledge of sales, it could take years before you’re really seeing the results.

So, You Want to Make Money Online?

Making money online can be a fierce challenge so you need to change your mindset, expect some guaranteed pitfalls and make sure your glass is half full. Be wary of internet marketers who promise you the world in exchange for your cash. The secret is to focus on inactive income as supposed to active. Passive income concepts will help you to generate and develop your venture if you don’t have huge amounts of spare time. Inactive ideas are based on doing the work, then getting paid repeatedly for it, instead of constantly having to find time to do more work – for more income. Invest your time in the beginning and continue to profit from the results. It may mean finding the time to get the work done and not being paid for a little while, but after the initial effort you can relax. Of course, if you want to make more money, then you can increase your passive income by putting in more time. Earning a passive income online is the perfect stepping stone to earning outside your full-time job. For example, creating a blog only takes 10 minutes of your time but as you develop your blog and your followers, you will generate traffic and an audience. Once you have plenty of content, followers and a direct audience, you can start to charge for paid advertising.

Influence the App Economy

If you need to increase your finances quickly, then smartphone apps may assist you. If you use well-known apps, then you’ll know that these clever technologies encourage global sharing and a continuous global connection. You can share car journeys, get involved in deliveries and even become a taxi. Mega apps such as Uber and Lyft offer users a decent income with flexible hours, whether it’s very part-time or a full-time opportunity to raise some cash. Postmates is also a popular app, whether you live in an urban area or a big city, you can deliver by car, bike or even on foot. The app with over 50,000 5-star reviews is iBotta, a cashback reward scheme that entices those who purchase featured products from many of the major retailers to simply take a photo of their receipt to earn cash. Ebates is similar where you can make money online and get a cashback reward when you buy your regular products, getting a confirmation email straightaway and the cash reward on purchase. Swagbucks offers a few different ways of making money online, whether it’s watching videos, answering surveys, surfing the net or shopping online. You get gift cards and cash back as an incentive for your time and effort.

Explore Current Websites

You can make an income by choosing active or passive methods online through many existing websites. Sell used items, invest on making digital designs to be sold on merchandise, try and dedicate a decent amount of your time towards a passive income which will keep generating cash in the long run.

• Craigslist – is a resourceful go-to site which has been popular for over a decade. Sell used items, offer your services or rent out your space to their global marketplace. This is a competitive site so make sure your service is high-quality at a reasonable cost.

• Café Press – with over 2 million independent designers, Café Press helps you to create and sell your digital designs across the world. You won’t need to deal with printing, warehousing, despatching or customer service – everything is done for you while you earn a commission on your designs.

• Fiverr – is one of the internet’s largest independent marketplace for freelance services. You can offer your services at any cost but can also get paid more for add-ons and upgrades. Studies say that some independents are earning a 6 figure income from Fiverr alone.

• Flippa – if you a weak spot for buying and selling but you know what you’re doing, then Flippa and its high end equal Deal Flow Brokerage could bring you a huge income by buying and selling income-generating websites to make a tidy profit.

• Amazon’s Mechanical Turk – this resourceful website assists in human-intelligence tasks (HITs). Workers get paid a small fee for any HIT, so if you have some spare time you can make a small income online.

• Etsy – if you love making handmade items and need a popular site to sell them on, then Etsy is a great opportunity. Etsy charge a small listing fee and take a commission on every sale per item.

• iStockPhoto and Shutterstock – If you’re an avid photographer, then make money online by selling your photos. You will need a few design software skills so that you keep up but this is a great source for passive income.

• Threadless – allows you to promote and sell your digital designs in merchandise sushc as t-shirts, mugs, towels and phone cases, similar to Café Press.

• Zazzle – similar to Etsy, Zazzle allows users to sell items making money online. There are customizable products, handmade items, art and much more.

Selling Own Products

If you want to take the sales into your own hands, then why not have your own ecommerce website? There is inevitably a bit more to do such as get hosting and design a site, but you will make more of a profit. You can take payments via PayPal or Stripe or set up your own merchant account. Your own website will need to have a sales strategy, a lead magnet, social media and email marketing, ecommerce software – and of course traffic to make it generate your income. To make it work, search engine optimisation (SEO) is critical, plus you can explore social media campaigns that appeal to the masses. If it sounds like a lot of work, then you’re not wrong. But there are easier ways such as selling through Amazon’s platform? However, if you’re serious about your business and you know you can profit more by having your own ecommerce site, then you would be better to have your own website:

• Shopify Ecommerce – Build your own store using Shopify. You can install plugins such as WooCommerce for online payments and even run your own ecommerce site from your blog. You need a way to process online payments and an SSL certificate.

• Fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) – You will need to pay a commission to Amazon but the marketplace is global and you won’t need to worry about creating your own site or worrying about whether you’ll get traffic.

• Drop-shipping – Amazon offer drop-shipping but there are also many other resourceful providers such as Worldwide Brands, SaleHoo who can drop-ship your online products, so all you’ll need to do is close the deal.

• High-ticket consulting or coaching – Sell your own high-ticket consulting or coaching services and products via your website. You will need to create your own site, merchant account, lead magnet, sales funnel and all the additional responsibilities but you can earn a decent income from each unique customer.

Become an Affiliate

Explore the internet and find out about the many opportunities for making money online as an affiliate. Many large companies have affiliate programs and you can find products online from Commission Junction, ClickBank, Rakuten Marketing, Impact Radius and Rakuten Marketing. It’s vital to carry out due diligence and source the right company with good and relevant products for your audience. Making money online selling as an affiliate isn’t the easiest route but if you have an audience, then it can develop into a nice earner.

Write a Blog

Starting a blog is perhaps one of the most sustainable and easiest ways of making money online. It’s important to make sure the blog is set up in the right way for the right audience with appropriate content. Offers need to be complementary to the content and it’s easy to sell products like trainings, e-books and email courses. So long as you have the right domain name and a profitable niche then you could earn a decent income.

Email Marketing

If you’re keen on online marketing, then why not get set up on an email marketing software where you can create a lead magnet to use for your sales funnel. Studies show that you can earn around £1 per subscriber per month, so if you have 10,000 subscribers then you could earn £10,000 per month! Make sure your content is valuable and not just a sales pitch. You can create e-books, cheat sheets and checklists, video training sessions in parts and PDF versions of resources. If you can offer your audience interesting information, show them respect, you will get the rewards in the long-term.

Online Webinar Trainings

If you’re looking at making a lot of money online, then webinars are an excellent way. Marketing guru Russell Brunson once said that if you did a webinar week for a year, then you could be a millionaire. Of course, you will need an audience that wants to train and you will need to know what you’re talking about. Online webinar training would require a website and an audience to market to, but whatever your niche – why not pass on your tips, advice and professional experience and have a product to sell during your training sessions. The most popular webinar platform is GoToWebinar.

Final Thought…

Remember, no matter what approach you use to making money online, you can make money and in some cases, it can be sizable. Focusing on creating a passive income will free up time and help you get started – and a year from now you could be extremely successful. Remember time is the key.

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