– Monthly magazine publishing
– Building community spirit
– Celebrating local businesses
– Partnership with charities
– Work with schools and public sector
– Communicate to the wider community
– Obtaining advertising clients
– Increasing leads and conversion of sales
– Exposure through multi-channel
– Key logistical management of deployment
– House to House and commercial delivery


– Deployment to over 90,000 readers
– Achieved over 120 monthly advertisers
– From one to three magazines monthly

ClientNotice Me Publications
SkillsDesign and Development

We hired Quad to project manage everything to do with the publications, from start to finish. They created the design of the magazine, sourced the advertisers, deployed delivery to every household and business, and made it a success. We started with one magazine per month, and ended up with three magazines a month going out to around 90,000 readers, delivered to every home. They have done an excellent job.

Sam Watford - NMP