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In the big open world of digital, be it marketing, searching, selling or advertising, we, as both a consumer and a potential distributor are able to see a clear-cut line of competition, between everyone and everything. This is the same for every industry and sector around the world, if you as a business are looking to offer something to the public that is in any way similar to what another business is offering, then there becomes certain unspoken tensions and friction over who can do it better. If you are new to finding out about AdWords, then let this blog be the AdWords guide for you and equip you with the knowledge of what it all entails and why.

Throughout time we’ll always see an evolution of this competition between businesses, but for over ten years Google has been offering a more simple, streamlined approach to solve the competition problem. In fact, as of 2011 on wards, AdWords alone has represented over 90% of Google’s entire revenue. For a company that generated over $109 billion in revenue for 2017, it acts as a sure sign of how promising their service is; both in regard to quality, and the fact they’re able to rest on such a simple concept to bring in all of their profit.

All of these huge numbers and percentages are definitely impressive, but what are AdWords? Or pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements? That’s what we’ll be finding out today, answering the: what, how, when and why of PPC advertisements used all across the internet. We’ll use the premier, seemingly most effective service as an example, Google AdWords. As you already know, AdWords is Google’s flagship service that brings in the big bucks, it does this by allowing any kind of website to put in almost any keyword, to catch the eye of those searching for a specific need, service or site.

The Process – The Adwords Guide

In general, the process works a bit like this: A person has a problem, a question, or something they want. The person uses a search engine to resolve what they’re looking for, Google is our example. Specific to the words they enter into the search bar, they will be given a list of the most appropriate sites in regard to relevance, site quality and activity.  AdWords comes into the concept here and gives the option for sites to somewhat bypass this organic listing system, allowing for four paid result listings to rank at the very top of the page and three at the bottom of the page. These results are dependent on a few things, such as: most importantly, the keyword entered, the time of day, region of person entering the search and other small details that help the advertisement remain precise. Though, most importantly, the biggest factor into how well your site will rank among the other pay-per-click results is of course, how much you pay per said click. Google has created a beautiful machine that helps consumers, distributors and themselves, so it’s only fair that the limited (remember, only a smaller handful of PPC results show up per page) results of this high-quality system are justified by money paid per click.

The process is simply put, it’s streamlined, efficient, and simple to understand so that everyone can get in on the service regardless of their product or tech-level. Though it should be noted, that as with most high-profile algorithms, there are a lot of factors that have an impact. Some are told to us by Google, some are found out as time goes on, through trial and error, and visible results, some are kept hidden to keep the integrity of the process. One factor that I appreciate is that of the aforementioned quality of the site, and transition to said site. For example, if a user types “buy PlayStation 4 games online” into the search bar, and the advertisement states “Buy 2 PlayStation 4 games get 1 free” only to lead the user to the homepage of the site which happens to be a general technology store, this would be deemed low-quality. Instead, the AdWords filter would want a more streamlined transition, taking the user directly to a landing page that is catered towards the advertisement, perhaps showing a catalogue of PlayStation 4 games on offer.

AdWords’ Importance

We’ve seen the numbers, the method, and some of the specifics, but what we’ll look at next is the result and the reasoning behind why people use AdWords. What type of companies really need to bother with AdWords? Is there any point, or is this all just hype? My answers: yes, there really is a point to it, and the type of company that could benefit from AdWords varies greatly. Let’s look at the analogy from the standpoint of a smaller, newer company; if you’re struggling to get clicks, or “leads” as they’re more commonly referred to, then you’re able to pay your way into a spotlight.

Now, although that may come across as shady to some, this is the world of business we live in. You pay for exposure and you pay for publicity, guaranteeing leads at a steady and reliable pace. This way, you gain profits through one-time purchases or long-time patrons that are now a fan of your work. As well as those companies just starting out, it’s also ideal for those in a somewhat niche market, where leads can be hard to grab. Here, the company can use AdWords to make the scope of clicks more general, widening keywords to bring in more eyes, as opposed to being stuck in an organic corner where the growth will be slow. Lastly, we refer back to competition, where two or more companies may specialise in the same product or service, and are therefore competing over a similar audience. One company may bid more than the other on the AdWords price, and therefore reach higher on the search results; though once again, it is important to consider quality, both of the landing page and the content of the advert.

How The Quad Group Can Help

Even after this general rundown, explanation of process and mentions of important details, most people will still feel overwhelmed by the idea of AdWords. How much money should I put in? What should I expect in return? How do I make sure I don’t waste anything, and everything goes perfectly? It’s a somewhat daunting experience, but luckily, there are plenty of companies, such as The Quad Group who are happy to help you all the way through the lead generation process. In a few words: Quad are a smaller, United Kingdom based digital company with over twenty years’ experience. They work with a wide-range of companies both B2B and B2C, some of which include: Formula 1, Janus Worldwide, Infinity Weekends and The Wine Box Company. Holding a 92.6% retention rate, as well as up to 20% conversation rates, Quad prides themselves on a top-notch service that looks to please clients, maximise leads and capitalise on a return on investment, no matter the sector.

Research, specialisation and development, that’s where Quad truly flourishes in offering companies all around the world the ability to effectively showcase who they are and what they offer.

How do they do this?

Through a variety of means, two of which being search engine optimisation and our most talked about, Google AdWords. Possessing strong content such as a landing page and overall website is a great way to make sure that those leads from the AdWords campaign are satisfied and come back for more. But the next step involves deeper thought, thought that Quad are happy to help you with by: testing the market, micro-targeting, optimising the campaign and creating numerous, specific landing pages dependent on context. Allowing for simple changes like these is the first step into making a big bang in your sector. One case Quad were involved in started with the client paying up to £100 per lead, and gaining around 80 leads a month. Whereas after Quad helped, they were paying only £13 per lead and generating near 1,000 leads a month for near enough the same amount of budget for their overall campaign.

Ultimately, it just goes to show that with the right tools, the know-how and the perfect campaign, you and your business can spend a minimal amount of money to gain a huge return on investment that includes sales, growth and reliable custom as a direct result of Google AdWords. Though as mentioned, it’s fair to say that a bit of expertise can go a long way, and it’s not always a bad thing to take a helping hand from someone like Quad who can really make your business boom with a tailored campaign and strategy creating a perfect combination with  AdWords.

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