Firstly, I do apologise if this post does somewhat appeal to the more fashion conscience peers of mine, however for a woman in a digital marketing sphere it is sometimes good to share some common analogies.

So, you have seen the idea for a stunning suit in magazines, perhaps your friend was wearing one or it was highlighted centre stage in a channel style boutique shop? Maybe you have spent time thinking about the design, the fabric, the cut, the colour, worked out how it will fit, where it will accentuate, what you will wear it with, how it will make you feel, what it will say about you as a person…

Now Imagine…

You have had it made and it is amazing! So now you want to show it off and you may wear it once but even then, you doubt yourself, or perhaps you have put on a bit of weight and feel like throwing it back in the cupboard to sit with the cobwebs …

What Really?

Yes really, what a waste and think about all those compliments you could have received? You could have got yourself a new admirer, felt better about yourself – it could have boosted your self-esteem!  Also, what a waste of money, deciding to spend your hard-earned money on having a suit made for the sake of owning a ‘custom made suit’.
Now you may be thinking, what is this person talking about? Where is the link to digital marketing?

Okay, rewind a bit – now replace that “expensive luxurious custom made suit” phrase for the word “website”. Are you following me now? Not “wearing it” refers to “not promoting it” – and there we have it.

What I am trying to demonstrate from this simplistic analogy, is that if you take yourself and your business seriously and you have really wanted to create something so fabulous to show people, then why would you just have a special suit made, then leave it in the back of the cupboard? This is often what people and businesses do when they pay for a lovely custom made website but then decide they don’t need to market it online.

Engaging Potential Customers

There is a gap somewhere, perhaps they just think people will see it on their business cards and go direct? However, if you want to promote your business, it is about getting it noticed and that means “digital marketing” it through all the search engines and making sure that your customers can find you. Ensure that when your customers are searching on the nature of your business, your company is coming up in their search string. It is the difference between being reactive rather than proactive and it is also about image.  If you are not engaging your business in online activities such as having an active twitter account, keeping people up to date with news or even a regular blog on what your company is up to – some potential customers may judge you against your rivals. Your competitors may have a strong, well-structured digital marketing plan in which their site is fully optimised across all platforms – meaning they are being found on online searches for mobile and other online devices.  Your competitors may also fair better if they are keeping up to date with the latest trends and showing customers that they are an industry leader – do you not think you should at least follow suit?

Don’t be Stuck in The Dark…

My advice to anyone is just like the tailor-made suit in the cupboard, get your website out of the cupboard! In search engine terms – make sure it is seen online and visible to people whom potentially want to buy your product or use your service. If you take yourself and your business seriously, investing in a digital marketing strategy to generate traffic and new customers is key. How can they resist enquiring, especially if you have spent so much time on creating something truly outstanding?

Pitching your digital marketing strategy is of course essential and when it comes to entrusting an external agency with this, just be mindful of what it is you are requiring. If the potential partner is not asking you the right questions such as what you want to achieve, where you want to pitch your services and do not seem to be working with you, I would personally stay clear. The more questions and contact they have with you, the better.  The worst experience is when you sign up with someone and you never hear from them! This, is unfortunately what gives the good guys in digital marketing (and there are only a handful of us left) a bad name.  A strategy should work for you and your budget, however it is important to remember that it will not be instantaneous. Nevertheless, with a good digital marketing campaign, you should start to reap the rewards after the first three months.

What are you waiting for? Get the suit on and get out there and get noticed!

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