So the not so new kid on the block for all of us in the digital marketing sphere is that word: content!  Many a time we have to explain to our customers why content marketing not just only on your website is great for organic rankings, it is absolutely more than ever important to your whole digital marketing strategies.

When I say content, I mean good quality content, content which is intriguing, engaging and captivating for your audience and also beneficial and related to your industry/subject matter.  The A.I. in the search engines can now detect un-related content as much as a bad spelling and grammatical errors so it is vital when you do create content it is apt, subject specific, engaging and above all spell checked!

As technical SEO optimisation is vital for a website, as is good quality content.   The content that you produce about your products / services / related industries whether in landing pages, on blogs, on social media and on forums all send healthy signals back to the search engines saying oh look it is X again writing about X, and they get to know your brand and company more meaning that you are gaining authority – this is important and vital when organically ranking.

A recent statistic states that still organic search accounts for driving over 52% of all visitors to a site compared with paid search which drives on average under 12%.  If you already have a digital marketing company in place that are assisting you with organic search / PPC then they should also be creating quality content and pushing it out there – if there are not, then they are not looking at the most important part of your digital marketing strategy, content marketing.

We have now seen a rise in content creation companies and content creation freelancers for the reason that it is now very important when it comes to search.  You will also notice on the market that certain content creation companies are actually broken down into verticals and industries that they create content for which helps when looking for a company to work with.  Having said all this, if your digital marketing company are doing their job to the best of their ability then you should not have to also separately hire a content creation company alongside.

For many of our clients at SEO Organic, if the client themselves produce the contact for us to push out there in the wider web we are often asked the questions, how long should this be in terms of words? How many keywords should I be placing in at one time? Our answer on this varies and it depends, although if it is content creation for blogs/forums/social media so for your end users to read and engage with then this should be subject matter related and doesn’t necessarily need to have any keywords within it – usually a blog should be at very least 500 words – it would be great to push for 700 words.

On the other hand if you are creating content for landing pages on your website then you do have to pay attention to your keywords and make this content relevant for including them as this is where users will be able to pick up on these words in the search engines and revert back to your site.

Companies are now getting more creative with where they get their content from and since you have to make everything fresh and unique as the search engines do not rank you at all for duplicate content, businesses are getting innovative – they are not leaving the content creation just up to their marketing department or even the digital marketing agency, it is coming from all sorts of places such as the sales department, the director’s board, the accounts department, finance and so on.

Perhaps you have some sales guys whom have been to an industry related exhibition whom would like to share their experiences in a blog? Or an industry veteran director whom has just joined your company and would like to write about their experience?

Why not look around your office and at your staff, perhaps you have a secret wannabe writer amongst you – and have them write some engaging content to get your content marketing on the go!

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