Oxford Digital Solutions

What is it about digital marketing that makes it so critical for your business, whilst at the same time being such a mystery? To keep up with this fast-paced and competitive environment of the online marketplace, digital is vital to marketing your brand.

Not only does digital solutions ensure you have a durable online presence, but it gives your name a valuable place in your industry, potentially driving your business forward so that it could become a reputable leader.

The Quad Group provides businesses with complete website audits and comprehensive marketing strategies. A website SEO audit gives a thorough investigation to historic activity, breaking down and analysing past and current traffic, customer engagement and leads to conversions.

We provide some of the best insightful reports, giving a solid base for a successful and effective campaign. All these elements combined, produce a successful digital solution to your business.


Digital marketing is a skill that takes years of experience and intricate industry knowledge and expertise to be successful. Digital is the most effective marketing tool and the largest element of marketing available today. It is essentially a vital part of business development and without optimisation, your online business could take years to develop or it’s more likely to simply fail.

The Quad Group have successfully provided clients with bespoke marketing strategies throughout the years, providing in depth industry analysis, analytical keyword research, website optimisation and more. With your goals in mind, we show clients a stage by stage campaign process to raise your business to another level.

Whether you’re thinking of carrying out an Oxford local search campaign or considering national or international, we can help you to build a reputable online brand that has longevity and achievement.


We launched The Quad Group in the same year that Google started and most of our customers who started with us, are still working with us now. It is true to say that this is a testament to our service and that by giving clients our undivided attention to make their business successful, we have earned their loyalty and trust.

We are an established company with a strong team and we live, breathe and sleep digital. At The Quad Group, we are completely transparent with our clients which is the only way to work together in our opinion. This removes any doubt and ensures clients know exactly what methods are being used to promote their brand.

We will support and guide you through your campaign stage by stage, making sure you have a complete understanding of your successful marketing strategy. We only give clients 100% bespoke digital marketing strategies to make sure that we are driving target audiences to your website. 


Google changes its algorithms regularly and the use of black hat methods have unfortunately resulted in sites being penalised. White hat techniques are much safer and more successful but have also not cleared some algorithm updates including the EMD (exact match update) in 2011. Google told the digital marketing industry for years that it was good to have unique keywords in domains, then without notice said rankings were no longer influenced by them! Google also declared that if words such as hot or cheap were used in domains, the sites could be penalised too. There is no obvious predictions as to what could be announced in search engine requirements, and therefore it’s important for us at The Quad Group to be completely up to date with market updates.

For a website to be successfully engaging traffic and developing in the online marketplace, the core techniques are still applied, working together with a balanced and ready approach to website optimisation, great quality content, powerful social media and increasing organic search.

To get in touch with our Oxford team and find out how we can help you, give us a call today or pop into the office for a cup of tea and a chat.