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Since coming on board Quad have increased our revenue and revitalized the company as a whole, by designing us fresh innovative sites, creating custom integrated workflows and sorting out our digital marketing. Quad has set us apart from our rivals and we are constantly up with there with our competitors, far beyond our expectations – going beyond the pale.

Paul Smith

They manage all aspects of our digital marketing, google ad words, landing pages and they also have a fantastic CRM which they have tailored to meet our business. They make themselves fully accountable explaining any pits and troughs and doing all they can to guide us through particularly competitive times online for our business! They are not only a fantastic company to work with but also personable business professionals with a drive to succeed which is contagious!

Clare Taylor

Outstanding results – no ordinary marketing agency. We are in a very competitive market, so it’s imperative that if someone is looking to purchase a yacht that they find us first. It wasn’t just about being number one on Google, it was about making sure people knew that our brand was quality, whilst still being better value. I should say, that without Quad’s influence at the time we wouldn’t have been able to achieve our targets. So yes, we would recommend them to any other business looking to expand their reach online and drive sales.


Quad’s SEO fundamentals course was really up to date and very easy and bite-sized to follow for a beginner to learn all about what SEO is and what is involved.

Helen Keisler

I was recommended to attend a Quad training session by a friend and although I have been working in traditional marketing for a long time and thought I knew quite a bit, I would say that this course has provided me with a great foundation into the world of SEO, the history and what techniques are employed today and what can be used! Well done guys for a great session.

Nicole Lane

I would recommend Quad as a training provider for their SEO fundamentals course. If you like me are in need of a complete overview of what SEO is all about and what it involves, I reckon this course is one of the best ones offered on the market!

Jackson Aquinas

The Best!

Matheus Dadalto

Having QUAD on board was the best decision we ever made, they did a great job of the website and we always have compliments about how good it looks. Nearly all our enquiries come from the website and we are full all year round apart from one month. 95% of all our enquiries come from the website now. There are over 50 Kennels operators where we are based, so some serious competition. Because of QUAD every year we have expanded the premises and built extra new kennel spaces. The business is thriving, I couldn’t recommend these guys enough, they are there 24/7 whenever you have questions, we really appreciate all their hard work. Thanks!

David Hebert

Above average service, goes out of their way to make sure the job is done properly. Won’t stop until results are achieved. Highly recommended.

Jimmy Cassidy

We have used QUAD since 2004, we started as a new business and now operate in 28 countries which has been developed mainly through our website. We compete with the big boys which all started on a small budget. Couldn’t recommend these guys enough, well done.

Sabrina Hauck

I was recommended to James at QUAD for my website so I could get more enquiries. Always sceptical of SEO because of the horror stories, but had seen what he had done for other websites for my friends. So just saying that this guy is good and if someone else needs to get more business, use him.

Susan Duarte

QUAD helped us with our new business, in a market which was saturated, and said what they said they would do. We are now top of the game, and doing really well. Would recommend their services.

Hilary Murphy

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