Digital Audit

Comprehensive Digital Analysis

Why do I need an Digital Audit? Performing a comprehensive Digital Audit of your website is key to understanding your market, competitors and of course making sure your website is user friendly, working to optimum efficiency and optimised correctly for organic search.


Apart from links, content is now hugely important. Search engine algorithms are advancing, they can tell how well the content is written, even whether is it of high quality, journalistic and how it engages with your audience. So this poses a number of questions to ask yourself; does the page contain a good amount of relevant content?

Is the content appreciated by the users? Does the content contain keywords? Is the content spammy? (don’t write it for the search engines, write it for your users to read.) Does the content have spelling errors? Is there any duplication?

Meta Tags

A page’s title is its single most identifying feature and according to Google, the most important ranking factor. When analysing the titles across an entire domain, make sure each page has a unique title. A page’s meta description doesn’t explicitly act as a ranking factor, but it does affect the page’s click-through rate in the search engine results. You should add social media tags, open graph tags, if you have a local business then GEO tags should be added, schema mark-up tags, as well as index, search engine and analytic tags.


When one page links to another, that link is an endorsement of the receiving page’s quality. Therefore, an important part of the audit is making sure your site links to other high quality sites. Do the links point to trustworthy sites? Are the links relevant to the page’s content? Do the links use relevant anchor text? Does the anchor text include targeted keywords? Are any of the links broken? Are any of the links no-follow?


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