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Infinity Weekends is in a saturated market, but we have plenty of experience in the event industry and realise that success is down to two things, reputation, and being found online. We can handle the first part, but we cant do the online part, and thats where The Quad Group fits in.

The Quad Group was recommended to us by another events company who they had been using since 2004, and still using today. As we were a new business The Quad Group had a clean slate, but realised after a while that a clean slate in online terms isn’t always such a good thing, especially with Google’s rules on new domains. As we have come to understand, The Quad Group always performs a balanced approach mainly because all our efforts should not be placed all on Google. I am glad they took this approach because our leads are now very much from many different sources; three main search engines, social media, blogs, PPC, directories and websites and email marketing.

Overall, we are very happy with the progress The Quad Group has made with Infinity and hope to continue in the same direction.

Brian Mountney