Competitor Analysis

Do you know who your digital competitors are?

An essential part of an SEO Audit is looking at where you sit in the marketplace and how you are comparing to your competitors. There are a couple of main areas that needs to be addressed when conducting any digital competitor analysis and these fall into the categories of: keyword research, identifying top competitors, analysing your competitors, looking at their backlink profiles as well as analysing their topical authority.

At The Quad Group we look into this in great detail as this is where the answers lie in truly understanding your marketplace. Firstly, we assess your positioning within your market by using a number of the latest analysis industry tools to understand exactly where your website, domains and pages are ranking in the search engines. When we complete this analysis this gives us a good idea on what we can suggest to do to so that you perform better in your website, pages and domains.

Digital Competitor Analysis covers a great deal and a lot of in-depth researching and looking at a host of all different scenarios – not just looking at competitor’s keywords and where they are ranking. We like to look into all aspects which is why we also undertake a full analysis as well as digital competitor analysis on your business. Many factors affect how your business ranks compared to other sites including all non-technical aspects such as search engine marketing.

Facebook and blog writing can be a key indicator in looking at how your competitors are doing with this and how this is affecting their positioning. When evaluating your competitors social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, industry blogs and Pinterest accounts we will be analysing how often they share their updates, their particular engagement ratio, investigating how many active people they have following each site and post. After gathering this data we will be able to map an effective plan of what we can do to turn things around to becoming even better than that of your competitors.

There are many other techniques and suggestions that we can put forward that perhaps your competitors have not thought of which we could make an impact upon, we also may stumble across some niche areas which we can also pitch to you for opening up your business to marketing for and ranking that way.

It has been often said to “keep your friends close and your enemies closer “and our overall main aims with our competitive analysis is to provide you with a true vision of where you at and where you need to be to match with your expectations and subsequently generate more business, engaging more customers and become a leader within your industry.


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