Email Marketing

Want to get your message out there?

You may recall email marketing as a concept for driving leads and traffic to your website and referred to by many companies and people on the internet or at conferences as an effective tool (when undertaken correctly). What is with all the hype though? No doubt that it is not only cost effective, can reach a large audience and reduces environment impact, however you may be asking what is the process and how can a company help me with it? Tell me the benefits and ‘why should I do this?’ I hear you say……read on and I will elaborate…

Email marketing is often employed when a business wishes to send out a corporate message to a subset group of people via electronic email. Most companies enjoy sending out this type of communication to keep their customers up to date with their offers, to keep in touch, to involve them and to subsequently create brand loyalty.  One of the main benefits of undertaking email marketing is that it is a quick and easy way to stay connected with your customers whilst at the same time building your customer loyalty and brand recognition.

In comparison with overheads that are encountered with other forms of marketing and advertising such as television advertising, print or radio time, with email marketing, you are able to  instantly connect with certain markets/different territories without incurring massive bills in the process! The rise of intuitive email marketing software has helped companies maintain and develop its email addresses, and has further allowed them to gain interesting data on consumer’s likes and dislikes preferences and spending habits. Emails are simply put together via an email software and sent out to the specified users/customers.  After a campaign has been sent out, you are able to track what the user/customer does with the email, whether they open it or not and if there are links, which links they have clicked etc.

Since we have moved over to the digital era, when a customer buys your product or service on-line you have a perfect opportunity to subscribe them to your company email data, so that they can be informed of offers and what your company is currently up to/working on.  Whatever you choose to place in your email marketing, the trick is to keep it eye-catching, not word heavy and not sending them too often or you will find people will wish to unsubscribe.  When sending campaigns, make it relevant for that user – for example you may have some data on a certain product that you sell which you know a certain group of customers would really appreciate to be told about.  Think personal and relevant with email campaigns and you will reap the rewards of customer loyalty.

Utilising email marketing software and tools can really help you grow your customer’s loyalty and your own revenue for repeat business.  Placing in clever referral schemes within your email marketing is also a clever way of your customers sharing your campaign (forwarding it on to potential new buyers).  A key thing to remember is understanding your customers and looking at your campaign from their point of view i.e. what is in this for me as? Why would I take time to read this?

We really enjoying helping businesses with email marketing strategies and campaigns.  Whether it is complimenting their in-house marketing offline efforts or coming up with really fresh and exciting designs for newsletters to engage users. At the Quad group, we adhere to all data protection practices and will only use permission based data.


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