Keyword Research

How important is keyword research?

Keywords still remain one of the core research areas in search engine optimisation. Keywords are a site visitors way of finding websites that they want to look at through search engine listings. The only other way for search engines to know what we want would be to read our brains, and currently that is not yet available. For a user to find what they want they still need to enter in a keyword to a search engine (or talk to their phones). Therefore, keywords are a key attribute and must be researched and considered to help your business website be fully searchable for potential site visitors.

Once we have researched and established the relevant niche keyword, we expand on it to find similar keywords that also have some significance. We use various web application tools so that we make sure the keywords returned are the right keywords for your business and your marketplace. Google AdWords Keyword Planner, which offers relevant keyword suggestions, is one of the favoured online tools to use because it provides a thorough list for websites.

It’s important to note that choosing keywords such as single highly competitive keywords is not the obvious solution. The objective of keyword research is to generate a large number of terms that are highly relevant to the keyword, all of which would have a positive bearing on your audience and your site traffic. Of course, slight competition makes it easier and better to attain higher rankings in search engines. However, this often results in less traffic to your site as visitors are inevitably sometimes going to choose other sites over yours.

There are three important areas to consider when conducting keyword research. Keywords should always relate to the theme of the website firstly, and keywords that are highly competitive are also less likely to rank in the top 3 results. Lastly, keywords that have no monthly searches at all will generate no traffic, and therefore are useless for driving sales / leads and should be avoided.

Keyword analysis is an imperative element of digital marketing as it forms part of the basis for a strong digital campaign, so that you can excel your online business to be a major player in your marketplace.


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