Lead Generation

How do you get more leads?

Nowadays with digital marketing one of the hardest challenges many digital agencies face is generating a strong pipeline of quality leads.  It is essential to not just be at the forefront of search practice, but to ensure that you utilise and capitalise on every digital marketing channel out there to gain the most.  We are all trying to stand out from the crowd, especially with globalisation. However understanding your USP’s, your immediate threats and being creative will always keep you a step ahead.


Leads, Leads, Leads

As digital wizards we are often appointed to help drive a business’s marketing strategy and exposure to gain leads. However more important, especially in the B2B marketplace and in specialist sectors is the ‘right’ type of lead.  What I mean by this, is digital agencies whom are conducting lead generation for their clients should understand exactly where there clients want to drive business from and in great detail – they say the devil is in the detail and with lead generation there has to be a solid understanding from a digital agency perspective so that they are able to drive the right types of customer to your site. Undertaking strategies mentioned here, will provide an indication of what you can be doing to drive the right type of leads.

Content Marketing

It seems all people talk about is content these days, I hear you say! But why? According to a stat from Demand Metric on content marketing, they demonstrated that doing this effectively can produces over 3 times as many leads as traditional forms of marketing, and at a reduced 62% cost.

Content has to be relevant but also interesting – I have read countless boring blogs where I believe people are just going through the motions of trying to write 500 words or so, just so that it will have an impact on their lead generation and search-ability.  Think again, if its repetitive, boring and stale how is AI going to enjoy that? You have to really express yourself creatively in content, always have passion flared into it, facts and a good story so people stay interested.  Always look at it from a reader’s perspective, they are not going to enjoy reading how a company boasting on their blog about how great they are (constantly), they are however going to really enjoy reading about someone whom engaged with one of their products or services and what it did for them.

You should look at creating content in partnership with your sales pipeline. Perhaps you can create a piece of content aimed at a potential customer who has never heard of your brand and the story you tell about your company or perhaps you create a piece of engaging content on purchasing decisions.

Email Marketing

Research has revealed on email marketing that over 49% of B2B marketers spend more energy and resource on email than other marketing channels. Again a strategy for email marketing is key for lead generation and consistency, don’t just start doing it once a month and then stop – try to compliment your email marketing with what you are promoting on your other marketing channels such as on your blog and in social media, have themes, tell stories and create relevance for sending the campaign in the first place.

Business Partnerships

Business partnerships can be a great way to attain leads and more often organic lead generation happens this way also. Perhaps you may be in an industry where you have a great relationship with a supplier however they don’t offer what you do  – there could be a great referral in them introducing you as a service to their customers and vice-versa? 

If you don’t ask you don’t get….

A/B Testing and UX

A/B testing and User Experience are two important areas to look at for your website as this will provide an indication of how users are using your website.  It will show what they are clicking on, where they are leaving -what they stay completely away from.  This is essential knowledge for you to make your site better and to change it more to capture those users in.  There are many testing tools that you can use to assist – they say knowledge is power and if you can find out how you can make your site more appealing for users to enquire and buy from you – then the better!

Referral Program

Already you may have this in place however as a lead generator this is by far and most likely one of your strongest ways of gaining great quality leads. If you are doing a great job for your customers why not ask them how they would feel about referring your services/products on?  You could even offer them incentives such as discounts or free work? This way of generating leads is low cost and will yield a high conversion.


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