Local Search

Local Search is for businesses with a local customer base

Local Search is important and appeals to 90% of businesses. It is developing more every day and our clients have been seeing massive sales gains from their Local Search exposure with the help of our services. Most small businesses rely on local trade and that is why Local Search is vital, whether your industry is small or large.

The significance of Local Search especially applied to businesses when Google introduced Local Map results in 2003. The world of digital marketing changes all the time, most notably Google, make changes to their ranking algorithms, its important to keep up with Local Search trends to maximise the benefit for your business.

When you search for a business or brand in 95% of search engines, the organic results are the listings you see on the left-hand side of the page. These are the rankings you want your business to be listed in because these are the areas that most users will click on first. Good rankings in organic search will target your perfect audience, driving most of the traffic to your website naturally.

Over the last couple of years, we have seen the search engines providing improved local search results. Search engine giant Google introduced Maps in their search in 2003 showing your business as a pinpointed location. However, this has improved considerably and we now have Yahoo, Google and Bing offering comprehensive Local Map results. This has created new marketing potentials for local businesses and broadens your potential in not only reaching a worldwide market, but in becoming a leader in your local area. Local search engine rankings can be imperative for some businesses, especially if they depend heavily on generating business from their local area. Online services or other industries may not find it as important, but generally its a positive element of digital marketing that is worth exploring.


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