National Search

National Search for businesses with a national customer base

Planning for national search is a lot different from local search marketing. National search is a giant leap forward in terms of technical optimisation, search engines and content. You might have to consider the marketing budget and your target audience. You are not just targeting a local market, but the whole country with all sorts of different demographics.

Over 90% of all services and product related searches first start online, users perusing on their mobile phones, desktops or tablets. A robust online appearance is more important than ever before, to capture leads in, drive traffic and secure new customers to your site.

When you are found nationally in an internet search, then this in turn will generate national traffic and sales however, this also means facing national competitors of all shapes and sizes. Your current competitor risks, areas of improvements and your website performance must be analysed with comprehensive SEO Audit so that you can gain the most out of your website and lead conversion, otherwise you may be flying blind.

When we look at how people search, there has been evidence to suggest from Google that demonstrates over 25% of people searching click firstly on paid adverts at the top of the page (historically, before Google changed its layout, 12% of users clicked on the right-hand side of the screen and 13% of users clicked on the top 3 adverts. In terms of user habits over 72% will search down the first page organic rankings but rarely click through to page 2.

Having a dominant national presence is key, look at it this way – if one of your competitors goes bust or stops supplying certain customers with products or services, what will be the first thing they do? They will go on-line and start searching, if you are up there and found then you will have a chance of bagging that business!

We provide national search marketing for a wide variety of businesses from SMES to PlCs, ensuring that they will succeed in reaping the return on their investment. We currently work with many businesses who trade their products or services online across the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. From B2B, e-commerce, select niche, travel and events, to B2C, driving lead generation through a wide variety of digital marketing methods.

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