Planning Stage...

If you are failing to plan – you are planning to fail!

When it comes to planning your digital, many business owners (and unfortunately even some digital marketing companies) just don’t know enough to truly understand how to plan an effective digital marketing campaign. Digital marketing can be a nightmare for businesses who don’t understand the good, bad and the ugly side of search engine optimisation. I am sure you have been bombarded with spammers offering guaranteed top rankings and magical results every day, all for £100! In fact, we are an Digital Agency and even we get those emails. You might have even taken up one of these spammy ‘opportunities’ and unfortunately found out that you got no positive results, or worse, you have been penalised by the major search engines and lost your rankings altogether.

Like most things in this world, you pay for what you get. There are guidelines to follow, skills to research, strategies to develop, algorithms to stay up to date with, formulas to create, above all, to stay ahead of the curve and make sure you as our client are out-performing your competitors.

Planning your digital marketing is key to the success of your marketing, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. At The Quad Group, we produce a minimum 100 page report as the first step, followed by a full digital analysis of your business. The Quad Group is well-known for having some of the most comprehensive research reports in the digital industry. By researching these areas, we are able to exploit every area in your business and also your competitors. With having these strategies, we know exactly what the SEO process will be, there will be no mistakes and you know what to expect. Without a plan it is impossible to track your progress or measure success. After all, there is no one size fits all plan as every business is different with varied services and products, which in turn will produce a various targeted audiences.

The key objective to remember about digital marketing is that it is an on-going process which is constantly evolving. New technologies which can be exploited, updated search engine algorithms to monitor… all this takes time to mature and to see results from an effective digital marketing campaign.

The planning stage of digital management involves implementing a number of strategies for analysing your site’s current performance to assess its effectiveness. These strategies may include onsite analysis, keyword research, competitor analysis, link profile analysis, content analysis and expansion and SWOT analysis. Other points to raise in your initial report will be; code overhaul, link monitoring and disavow, digital brand monitoring, improving your website based on the analysis findings, an ongoing organic link building strategy, content creation campaign and off-site marketing plan, and finally ongoing site management.

Achieving high rankings is a gradual process. Of course, a single project such as a website launch can bring about some results, but in order to obtain high rankings, you will need an on-going marketing strategy with management of your website.

The important point to remember is; “If you are failing to plan – you are planning to fail!”


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