Social Media Services

Love it or hate it, it is where the consumers are!

Without a doubt, Social Media is, or will be, a massive part of your marketing campaign. Love it or hate it, it is where the consumers are, day and night, across the world, interacting with each other. If you have a product that is put in front of the consumer in a creative and exciting way, the users who view your product will tell others about your business, and those others will tell others, and so the process continues. This is called viral marketing, and social media is the marketing tool to implement this potential massive revenue opportunity for your business.

We also have extensive experience in setting up and managing online social media paid campaigns which are like PPC services. Paid campaigns allow you to specifically target your exact audience, entice them to ‘like’ your Facebook page or link them through to your website. There are many different elements to paid campaigns that can help your business to build up a strong and dedicated audience, not only through social media but by directing more leads and sales on your site.

From just a few thousand followers, you could have a reach of between 120,000 to 250,000 more users! Social media is a powerful platform to help drive your business forward and to claim more of your online marketplace.

Using a combination of years of experience in the search engine optimisation industry coupled with the huge advantages of social media, we can create an explosive combination for the ultimate exposure for online businesses. We are now in a social media revolution and we should take advantage of everything it can offer to reach out to broader audiences and build up your loyal users!

When developing a Social Media campaign, it is important to update your audience with a regular flow of information related to your business. Using this technique, your targeted audience will grow automatically. Therefore, regular contact with your followers is essential if you are going to see long term benefits from your campaigns. Marketing statistics demonstrate that billions of people are on social media websites, meaning that a third of the world log on regularly. While the mobile phone market and smartphones are dramatically increasing due to social media and lifestyles, search is decreasing. By combining the two channels of digital marketing  and social media, makes for great online success for businesses! Social media accounts are free, so essentially you are accessing a global market using a free online tool. So long as you have the time and the knowledge to utilise social media, you will potentially reach a wider market which could help develop your online business. Users also like linking with online brands in social media, creating a loyal and interested following.


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