Technical SEO

SEO chemical reactions - from the SEO Scientist

Whilst everyone talks about how ‘Content is King’, Technical SEO is the castle that you build around your king. A quote by Omi Sido, digital marketing Guru, a great anology on the importance of it as the basis of everything to build from.

Technical SEO, you’d be surprised how many digital agencies do not know how to perform technical SEO. What is technical SEO? Basically everything you can’t see on a website, so the coding, server, domains, optimisation of images and pages, speed, the list is very long.

You might ask what is important about technical SEO? Well, think about this, undertaking technical SEO correctly can get your website ranked high just on its own! Now your listening with all ears, because without technical SEO carried out on your website, it is not going to perform even if you have all the original content from the three kings of Bethlehem.

Before technical SEO is carried out, a full Digital Audit must be carried out. The digital audit provides our technical specialists with an understanding of how the website is currently performing and highlights all the areas that need to be worked on.

There is also a common mis-conception within the industry that website developers should automatically know how to perform “technical seo”, this is again false as not to say you will not find a web developer with this experience however the majority of experienced web developers will advise to have a technical seo/digital agency to carry out the work.

There has been countless times that we have encountered a client whom have told us that they have had extensive technical seo performed on their website to find that when we look into the code and “behind” the scenes a lot has been missed or optimized in-correctly.   Since technical SEO is not widely spoken enough about a lot of people overlook its true value, which is when done correctly and properly it can really set your site up to perform extremely well for organic search in pay per click campaigns.

Without going into too much nitty gritty detail, the three main features which will be addresses with technical seo will be the following areas:

  • Site Speed
  • Metatags
  • Correct optimistation of on-site content

Although, if I were to list to you all the elements involved with technical seo, we would be here for a long-time.  If you are interested in a discussion on this then please do get in touch and we will put you directly in contact with our “hands on” technical scientist.


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