Darpa? Not quite. Welcome to the 'Start-up Initiative'

Most business owners have been at the point where they start a business; they have got an idea, know how to develop it, think of all the dreams of making money, but then, how do they actually find buyers.

Some ideas are not so good, but that’s not the point. If one can sell sand to the people living in the desert, as they say, then it doesn’t matter what idea you have, its down to how you present it and bring it to the market.

Welcome, to the ‘Start-up Initiative’…

Test the start-up idea before committing...

Starting a business is not easy, its pure hard work, sometimes seven days a week, putting every ounce of energy you have to make it work, and even then most businesses fail in the first year. This is normally due to poor business decisions, bad ideas, no target market, no funding, no start-up support, no knowledge in digital, the list is endless. The workload is massive, the responsibilities are huge, the risk even bigger. But its not all doom and gloom, because if you are successful, the rewards can be massive.

What has this go to do with The Quad Group?

Are you a committed entrepreneur who has a creditable idea and wants to take it to the market? - Do you want to test your idea before committing yourself to risk? - If your market test run is successful, do you want to take it to the next level?

We can help you, in fact, we can do it for you, with 90% of the cost paid for by the Start-up Initiative sponsorship program.

Every year we offer a number of start-ups our expertise inconjunction with our sponsors, to help start-ups determine the market before committing thousands of pounds to their new business, helping them understand the market, teaching digital skills, the pitfalls, digital marketing, and offering training where needed, as well as providing solutions to sourcing funding and how to get it.

We will support and guide you through your campaign stage by stage, making sure you have a complete understanding of your successful marketing strategy. We only give clients 100% bespoke digital marketing strategies to make sure that we are driving target audiences to your website.


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