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Auditing, Research and Analysis

The saying goes “if you fail to plan, you are planning to fail”. Marketing strategy is the section of your business plan that outlines your overall game plan for finding clients and customers for your business. Marketing strategy focuses on what you want to achieve for your business and marketing efforts. A marketing plan details how you’ll achieve those goals.

A good marketing strategy incorporates what you know about how your business and the market your are targeting, to develop the tactics and actions that will achieve your marketing objectives.

At QUAD, our research and analysis covers every aspect of your business and competitors, in order to give you, and us the best possible strategy going forward to create a strong marketing plan. 

A strategy and plan is essential to making the campaign successful, so that we understand your business, competitors, audience and of course budgets and return on investment. Statistically, most business fail because they do not undertake comprehensive marketing strategies and business planning. 

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